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Shanin Arce Photography captures Maternity, Newborn, Family, Engagements, Couples, Children & Events.

For contact information please visit my Facebook Fan Page or email me at  Shaninarce@gmail.com



32 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. Pricing info on newborn sessions. Baby is already born, wondering about your availability. Thank you.

  2. Wanted to see your prices and availability for my son he’s turning 1 next month. I’m not sure if I wanted to be in the pictures. Primarily just my son. Thank you.

  3. Hello, I was referred to you by your mom. My wedding anniversary is comming up & I wanted to take pictures with my husband, we didnt like how our wedding photos came out. So we would love to relive that moment, With my wedding dress and him in his tux. Please give me pricing info and a dates available in december. Thank you.

  4. Hello i would like to get prices from you for family picture!!! I am giving this as a gift for the people i work for, they have 5 in the family!!! Please get back to me on prices!! my
    email is nsarniguet@yahoo.com, Nicole,
    They live in Davie!!

  5. hey shanin! it’s isamis please give me a call at 305-215-8724 regarding some maternity pics i want to take see if your availiable.

  6. Hi I was wondering how can i get pricing for engagement and wedding pictures my wedding will be on march 7th 2014

  7. Hi Shanin,
    My fiancé and I love your work. We would like to know more about the pricing for our wedding photos. I will be getting married November 16, 2013 pls lmk 🙂 My friend Marcos recommended you to us.

  8. Hey Shanin! I’m looking for a reasonable and modern photographer to photograph my wedding and possibly include engagement photos as well. Please let me know what your prices and packages are.
    Thank you,

  9. Hello Shanin,

    Wanted to know your pricing for my daughter’s 1st birthday. If you please provide me some info! I love your photo shoot for the Rodriguez family.

    Thank You,

  10. Hi – I go to school with Jackie (Jackie & Kirk) What beautiful photos you took! Wow they really look amazing. How much do you charge for a family session ( Family of 4). I would like to get them done sometime in Oct/Nov for the holidays.

    • Hi Shanin,

      I hoe you are well. I wanted to follow up on the pricing. I think i may have received a reply from you below. However, i am not familiar with the portal? Please advise 🙂

      Sent from my iPhone

  11. Hello,I was referred by JP n I wanted prices on any packages u may offer on 15 pics for my sister n also a portfolio for my kids.
    Plz email me with more information pricing and locations u may use.

  12. Hello, I am looking for an event photographer for a baby naming ceremony on December 28th. Can you please send me your pricing please. Thank you, Lorena

  13. Hi I’m looking for a wedding photographer. I would like to know what your wedding packages are? Also, the wedding date has not yet been set in stone but it looks like it will be march 21 2015.

  14. Hi Shanin my name is Jenny I was wondering how much donyou charge for a photo session. My sister is having a baby in a week and was interested in taking pictures.

  15. Hi my name is Amanda Castaldi. I am a good friend of Jenny Balzola and she recommended you as I am looking for a photographer for my wedding, Nov 21st, 2014 in Ft. Lauderdale. If you could please send me some pricing that would be great because your photos are gorgeous! Thank you so much! Looking forward to hearing from you

  16. Hello I’m looking for a wedding photographer. I would like to know what your wedding packages are? Also, the wedding date has not yet been set in stone but it looks like it will be August 16, 2014. In addition, it will be something very intimate, about 35 ppl, nothing big. Just looking for 3-4 hrs of service. Thanks!!

  17. Me interesa conversar sobre una sesión d fotos d 15, por favor si me puede facilitar un teléfono o dirección, mi celular 786 4196972

  18. Hey shamim congrats on your baby. You did my girls picture about a year ago I lost your number. I just had a baby I would like to do a photo session in her nursery. Please contact me

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